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Cook (full or part-time)

Prepares meals for groups and campers. Follows prepared recipes, supervises kitchen assistants. Closely adheres to sanitation and food safety regulations. Focus on excellent customer service. Must be organized, reliable and have some professional kitchen experience.

$18-24/hr Season roughly July-mid August. 5-6 weeks of work.

Kitchen Assistant/dishwasher (part-time)

Helps to prep for meals, washes dishes, cleans kitchen and dining hall under the direction of the cook. Must be reliable and maintain positive attitude. No experience required.

$13-1/hr Season roughly July-mid August. 5-6 weeks of work.


Groundskeeper (part-time) 

Mowing, trimming, and light housekeeping, cleaning, stocking etc.
No experience required.
(18 y/o +) $15-20/hr. 
Season June-August. 10-12 weeks of work.



Incentive Bonus will be paid for good attendance & hard work
All positions include meals during shift.
Room & board available (18 y/o +)


May be opportunities for more work.

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